Faucet Water Household Purifier Filter

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Why Use a Faucet Water Filter System

While tap water may look clean, it can contain harmful contaminants such as lead and fluoride. Lead will cause damage to nervous and blood system, etc. Excessive fluoride may cause fluorosis.

Lead & Fluoride Removal Technology

Upgraded filtration technology is newly adopted to reduce lead, fluoride and many more contaminants for highly efficient filtration, based on the 0.5 micron Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF).

Cleaner Water for Better Health

The filtered cleaner water keeps you away from the endangerments of lead and fluoride while leaving beneficial minerals, which is vital to your health and helpful to revitalize your body.

  • Advanced water purifier: This product is a superior water purifier, durable and long life time.

  • Convenient design: It can be installed directly on the tap, easy and convenient to repair, install and cleaning. You have no difficulty to select the purified water or tap water via the changeable switch. The purifier can be repeatedly cleaned and easily replaced.

  • Observable status and reliable safety: The transparent lid helps to pay attention to the status of the filter element, extending the life of the purifier or clean the filter in time.The transparent lid is tightly attached to the canister to prevent leakage. Close mode: rotate and press. The filter element can be cleaned repeatedly, and we recommend cleaning it every 3 months to maintain the maximum contaminant removal.

  • Powerful function: Our tap water purifier has a powerful water purification function. It supplies pure water for household use, such as cooking, washing, showering, etc. It is also very suitable for expectant mothers, children and the elderly. Use our water purifier to drink healthy pure water and guarantees the safety.

Product Specification:

Size: 11cm x 15 cm

Package Included:

1x Purifier

1x Filter

6x outer thread connector

1x wrench

3x waterproof circle


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